Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week in Review

Sunday June 7:
Craft show in Ann Arbor with other Etsians - MICE (Michigan Indie Crafters of Michigan) mom went with me...and I had a custom order near the end of the show for a small zip pouch to hold his wife's USB flash drives

Not much of anything...and liked it!

Did a happy dance when I got a request for a last minute custom order for a bridal party...took tons of photos (which I am still cropping & resizing)...oldest had his last full day of middle school - why doesn't he look happy about it? hmmm, maybe because mom surprised him at the front door with a camera lol!

Went to the store to get the fabric for the custom order...and otherwise just hung out with my boys..reorganized most of my fabric - used comic book boards to wrap them in & put on the shelves like books

Cut out fabric for custom order after I went back to the store for a different selection (guess I jumped the gun...but hey, I needed purple fabric anyway)

Zoo time once again! funniest part: it was the last day of school for the oldest, who forgot his key - so he called me, rode up to the zoo to get said key...just so he could go home to do nothing & veg...but we wrangled him into joining us for the dinos...ironed on the interfacing in the evening

...oh, and had to cage the oldest for key forgetting...

Hubby watched the little guy so I could sew sew sew!!! Custom order complete! Took all day, literally - I only stopped to eat & um, other necessary things...

(I'll get the rest of the dino pics up on Flickr soon)


  1. What a busy week but at least you could end it with a trip to the zoo! Those clutches are fabulous! And wow! that's a lot of fabric!

  2. love how you have your fabrics laid out by color. I can see why you all enjoy the zoo so much - looks like fun!

  3. I LOVE the USB drive pouch! That is a great idea! It would be awesome to have a small partition for a couple SD cards, too :)

  4. Sounds like a fun week :)
    Your fabric is so organized...I'm jealous! My organization is a work in!

  5. sounds like a busy, but fun week. Your fabric organization is marvelous!


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