Thursday, June 4, 2009

Etsybloggers Carnival: Pearls of June

This carnival's theme #2) June symbols - June's birthstone is the pearl or moonstone. June's flower is the rose. Share your favorites or stories or blog on June symbols of your own.

My favorite pearl story is on the short side. They were the pearls from my wedding. But no, it was not jewelry. I can't even remember if I had any jewelry except my borrowed item...someone insisted so my maid of honor/bridesmaid (there was only one) gave me her watch to wear :)

My wedding pearls were my bouquet...along with some silver and crystals. I did not want pretty as they are - I prefer them with dirt around their bases. And we were trying to keep things simple. Not only was the bouquet gorgeous, but a keepsake that will never wilt.

And this is not only a pearl story, but a June one...our wedding was on June 9th. It will be 8 years this June. And if it wasn't for my hubby calling out from the next room, I would have wrote 7 years :P

So here it is....

sorry...the pics are kind of dark - it's been rainy & dreary here...and we never got pics the day of


  1. Lovely! And it's good your hubby remembers the right anniversary!

  2. what a beautiful idea, just lovely!

  3. A very cool and unique bouquet!
    Happy early anniversary:)

  4. that is gorgeous thanks for sharing your pearl

  5. That is a wonderful idea for a wedding bouquet! So pretty!


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