Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lookie What I Got!

The first thing is my hemp necklace that I got from Roseworks Jewelry. I was a top commenter on her blog contest going on She has two more blogs worth checking out too...a treasury blog and one for book reviews.
I have been wearing this necklace as a bracelet actually...wrap twice around the wrist & it is a perfect fit!

The second thing I got was a prize from Quilt Home...a Blog Link Shopping Spree! Woo Hoo! These are the goodies that will be coming my way soon...and okay, I spent a little more than I won...but hey, I am a fabriholic.

added: I just have to say...Quilt Home Rocks! I ordered the fabric on the 23rd
- in the afternoon...and received it on the 26th!


  1. Love the necklace/bracelet from Ruthie and the fabrics are gorgeous!

  2. lucky you! Now that is a versatile piece of jewelry! The fabrics are lovely.

  3. Darn you - your a better jewelry photographer than I am! LOL thanks for the write up :)


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