Monday, June 8, 2009

Week in Review

I know, I's Monday & the week just started...but I was at a craft show yesterday & was to tuckered out to write a post last night.

Sunday: not much of anything - it was sewed up the Zombie messenger bag...

Monday: Lots of playing with the dog and swinging....

Tuesday: Bike to the zoo and stroll around for a couple up Firefly bag

Wednesday: Off to the zoo - again... iron at night - lots and lots of ironing....

Thursday: Quote of the day from the 4 yo "My juice is evil" I asked why..."It attacked my shirt"
Oldest spent the day at Cedar Point (amusement park) with the Junior National Honor Society - I don't think I would want to see any pics - a bunch of teenagers - no thanks :P
...swinging, basketball, teeball, chalk fun on the up the Buffy B bag...

Friday: played with Mr Potato Head....rode 1.5 miles to the library with the little guy in tow, followed by a quick playground stop...the oldest went to the June Fair - our reaction: "phew! he's old enough that we no longer have to go!" and then did a little dance of joy... sew a bunch of clutches....


Saturday: Quote of the day, from my 4yo...when he saw a teeter toter on tv:
W: "Can you put that on my list?" which is his way of asking for things
Me:"but you need another kid to play on it

W: "So put a little kid in your tummy and when it comes out being born, then put it on my list" ready for the MICE show at the Ann Arbor Artisan Market on Sunday...and sew up one last messenger bag - the Grr Argh...


  1. With the oldest not being around so much, are you ready for another child? {{hehe}}

    Hope the craft show wasn't a complete dud... being Ann Arbor and all sounds like a good crowd.

  2. Your 4 yo just cracks me up :)

    Sounds like you had a great week!

  3. Now THAT is a great week! fun stuff and creative projects, too.


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