Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Hiatus

I have decided to take a break from the computer for the rest of the year. You may see a scheduled post or two, but not likely. I am also taking a break from sewing...pretty much. I may sew something for myself, but that's not work, so it doesn't count. Do you remember the holiday stuff I wanted to make? Well, it didn't happen. I was busy, but with custom orders. I decided to give myself a break & not worry about skipping my list of to-dos since custom orders trump the list.

Lists...since both my boys landed on Santa's good list, tomorrow morning should be fun. I love watching their faces light up when they rip into the goodies under the tree. Hubby was on the good list too...even without the house help that he used to be so good at. We don't really do gifts to each other, we have the boys get us stuff instead. Is a 4 year old helpful with this endeavor? Um, no, not really. So we still kind of get each other stuff :) But on my list for this Xmas...for next year to have more help around the house. Should be easy right? After all, it costs nothing and nobody has to make a trip to the stores. Well see....

...see you soon....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blogfire: Reflections

This carnival, which I am not late for...for a wide open. It is a look back on 2009. Not sure my melty brain can remember that far back, but I'll give it a go.

see? told you...melty brain..

Crafty/biz wise...I think it was a pretty good year. Although I technically started Tilt in September '08, it wasn't until the start of '09 that it felt started. Sure, I had sold some things in '08 & started the blog, but it was only after a few months online & with teammates from Etsy (my only venue at the time) did I feel like I even had a clue as to what I was doing. When I started, I never made more than one bag of a style. I quickly learned that the look it gave online was too "messy", so I tried to trim down the number of styles. There are a few clearance items that are still trying to find a home and I am still narrowing things down, but I am getting there. Starting 2010 I will only be making backpacks, clutches, my new zippy purse, Janet/Venus handbags, Ann evening handbags, zip pouches and maybe a large hobo'ish bag....hmm, still need to work on the narrowing...but expanding into non-bag items like quilts, table runners, coasters & fabric baskets.

btw...that's my 1st Artfire was in'09,which is also the year I joined :P

Blog wise...I have been having fun. For a while I was part of a couple Ning groups that helped promote each other. I started my Tilt's Creations blog where I (try) to focus on what I make and leave this blog for my life, family, promoting others & whatever else pops into my head. I've "met" lots of great people through my blogging teams & have learned lots more about computer useage. That may come in handy when I have to go back to work.

Work - that leads me into the icky parts of '09. Financially, we got, um, let's just say it was not good...this blog is family rated after all. My youngest had to go through some speech & physical therapy for a couple years. The first year gave us no problems. But '09 was another story. While his learning to talk & function physically is worth every turned out to be many more pennies than it was supposed many paychecks more. Thank you United Health Care. You can suck it! Ok, there goes the family rating :P
Then the cherry on top - this year's medical insurance premiums were not taken out all it all came out at once last was now & pre-tax or spread out next year post-tax....huge bottom line difference.
So - end result - I may need to go back to work before we planned. Crossing our fingers & budgeting like fools, maybe we can make it until kiddo starts Kindergarten. We were hoping to wait until 1st grade, but one year early is not too bad.

Family oldest grew like a weed. He went from this sweet young boy to this taller than me man-boy practically overnight...still sweet though. I tear up just looking at him & how much he has grown - both inside & out. He knows who he is & what he wants way more than I ever did at his age. A mother could not be more proud. He is one fantastic son.
And the little guy? Those therapy sessions really did their a lot. He never stops talking...n.e.v.e.r. And most of what comes out of his mouth is not only amusing & hilarious, but so much older than his years.
I can't wait to see what these two do next year.

I think that's about it. Except for lots and lots and lots and lots of trying to keep up with the everyday & failing miserably. But at least my bags are looking great :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Flint Handmade Holiday Craft Market 2009

Hey's me :) A rare sighting indeed. I am not a fan of my picture being least this time my bags were the main characters. Thanks Crystal for taking this one :)

This past weekend was the Flint Handmade Holiday show...and from the stats I was just sent, it was quite a hit! 400+ people during the 6 hour show. And some snowflakes.

This pic also shows my newest set up by way of Ikea. My oldest helped me find some props the other weekend. It worked out pretty well, but is still now quite what I want. Of course if I would just learn not to put everything out...that'd help :P

To see more about the show, click here

Monday, December 7, 2009

Mini Monday featuring Gypsy Moon Art

The Naughty Fairy Red and Black Bracelet

Saugatuck Lake Michigan Shell Pendant

Autumn Copper Hair Clips

Molten Earth Earrings, Sterling Silver Carnelian

Friday, December 4, 2009

I Missed It Again!

I do not know what goes through my head every time I jot down the deadline for my blog posts lately....the team ones that is. This has got to be the 4th time I have missed the Blogfire carnival by ONE day! Sheesh. I need a brain overhaul. Maybe I can squeeze one in between sewing, making custom orders, creating Xmas gifts, cleaning, cooking, shopping, paperwork, taking care of the boys...hmmm...maybe I should just be happy with only ONE day late :P

But I am still writing it, even if it does not count. The subject: The Holidays - what do you celebrate/make? We celebrate Christmas - although, hubby and I celebrate different aspects of it. That's what happens when only one half of a couple is religious. But aside from church service, everything is essentially the same. We celebrate life, our family and all those we care about. This year we get to celebrate our (his technically) Great-Grandma's 98th...yes, season! Wowsers! And she's still spunky - go Grandma!!!

As for what I make...well, that changes every year. A couple years ago I made a Santa & snowman head. Last year there were lots of purses. This year there will be quilts, tree skirts, stockings, felt goodies for the kiddos (I hope) and dessert...always dessert. I still need to decide on the dessert - any ideas?

The sewing stuff I listed, well, it is still in the 'I hope" phase. I, gladly, have a few custom orders I need to complete first. I think next year I will have a cut off date for customs so I have all of December for my own creating. If I do get to it, I plan to make what you see below (clicking on the pics will bring you to the sites of the fabulous artisans I either bought the pattern from or downloaded the tutorial for free)...

Noah's Ark by Bugga Bugs

Tiny Tree Skirt by Polkadot Chair on Moda (but I would make it regular tree sized)

...and maybe the runner too...

Pizzeria Felt Play Set by Gulf Coast Cottage

Teapot Play Set by Gulf Coast Cottage

Princess Pea Blanket by Angela Yosten on Moda