Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blogfire: Fave Knits & Crochets

I love this kind of carnival...showing off goodies :) So, here goes...

Light Blue Peony Flower Scarf by Fashionworld

Merino Wool Multicolored Taupe Pink Flapper Beanie Cloche Hat by Annie Fannys Attic

Crochet Sackboy from Little Big Planet by Yarn Yum Yums

Set of 4 Farm Animal Mix, Knitting or Crochet Stitch Markers by Yarn Demon

4 Bamboo Washcloths, Eco-Friendly and Hand Knit by Holistically Heather

Glitter Sea Blue Mohair and Ribbon Charmed Sweater by Mystic Bazaar


  1. Thanks for sharing these! They are wonderful!

  2. Wow these are SO stunning. I must check out that scarf it's just amazing and I aspire to make amigurumi myself - how inspiring!!


  3. cute little sacks, with the zippers in front! {:-D


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