Friday, January 29, 2010

Etsybloggers Carnival: Snowflakes and Winter Activity

Our host this month is Alicia Mae.

We were to chose one of these two topics:
1) Snowflakes - your favorite way to make them or your favorite item on Etsy featuring them
2) Favorite winter time activity/how to keep kids occupied during snow days (indoors or outdoors)

I did a mini combo. My favorite snowflake...a melted one. But I think I found some great pretties on Etsy. As for a winter activity...anything that keeps me inside. I get LOTS of reading done this time of year. I think I am on my 6th book this month. (You can double check me on my left sidebar...the 2010 list, not the 2009:P...I am keeping track). Now if only we had a's 6*F outside right now. What is it in Celsius? Who's below freezing - 'nuf said. Now onto the pretties...

Dancing Snowflake Leggings by Dye Diana Dye

Pink Snowflake Earrings by Sabi Krabi

Nuno Felted Snowflake Scarf by Purple Platypus

Pink Ice Brain Squid by Sock Society


  1. Great finds, especially the scarf and earrings.

    I couldn't quite figure it out- are you saying you don't like snow? ;)

  2. Wow! What a treat to find myself here. Thank you so much, and what wonderful company my leggings are in!

  3. As an owner of two pairs of Diana's leggings, I recommend her art to everybody. It feels so good to wear!

  4. Lol. There I was, oohing and aahing my way down the column of pictures, and then just laughing! What a hoot that last one is!

    Thanks for finding these for us!

  5. Great snowflake finds! I also did one on snowflakes!


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