Sunday, January 31, 2010

Etsyblogger of the Month: NICO Designs

This month's blogger of the month is NICO Designs. When I first started on the Etsybloggers she was around lots...and still is. Her creativity keeps bringing us new things. She still makes her fabulous diaper bags, but is also adding some more home decor and dolls. Before I show off some of her pretties - a quick excerpt from her bio:

"After years of being a Behavior Specialist and Special Education Teacher, I sew for sanity. My two babies (ages 3 and 2) make everything in the past seem so ordinary
and what lies in front of us as amazing. And chaotic."

Now for the pretties...

Special Delivery - Mouse Pincushion and Mailbox

May the Merry Widow Doll

Austin Ave in Fresco Diaper Bag Set

...includes Blankie & Burp Cloth

Don't forget to check out her blog and Facebook Fan Page. And like myself, she is part of the One World One Heart carpet sure to stop over for a may even win a prize :)


  1. I'm really digging her new stuff. :)

  2. I love the mouse and the mail box - I hadn't seen that one yet!

  3. Nice blog! I love Nico's Diaper bag set. I am not a mother but I will keep her in my favorites for some day:)

  4. Thankyou for sharing about NICO Designs - I love the Austin Avenue Diaper Bag and have marked it as one of my favourites in Etsy. Great Post!


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