Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Time to, Well, Organize My Time

I have never been one for organizing every moment, not outside of my head anyway. I can be quite organized....although I have heard my organization being referred to as "organized chaos". Hhummph. Time to get stuff outta my head & onto paper...well, computer. Does anyone really use paper anymore? LOL!

What I want to accomplish:
a - a set daily routine
b - time parsed out equally with kiddos in mind
c - time to do somethings for myself...radical I know, but I have been told I must learn to be at least a little bit selfish.

What to schedule:
a - sewing time - which let's face it, even with a schedule, it will be done whenever I can anyway :P
b - gym time...that'd be the selfish me time
c - gym time where kiddo can go to childwatch to play with kids (a subset of 'b' actually)
d - computer time - internet & paperwork being separate
e - clean, cook, shop, take care of kids & hubby...not sure that'll actually be plotted out, too unpredictable...and constant

I think I may try the gym at a few different times. This week it is right after preschool. Kiddo gets to play with others, but my time is shorter since Childwatch closes about an hour after we arrive. So, no shower...but since I am going right home, no biggie. Next week I may try while he is in school. And if he wants to go "to exercise", then we can go in the evening & I can just do a few laps & maybe relax in the sauna :)

I love the idea of going when he is in school, but it is such prime real estate...I can sew more than when he's home, I can do some major clean up around the house, I can shop in half the time without him...but, he loves going to "exercise". Maybe the 2nd week I can try to go after his nap instead. The only problem is that sometimes his naps are quite long (yippee!!!). Hmmm...maybe once I figure how to get the most sewing time, then I can choose.

And just because I am that geeky, I will be making myself a pie/clock chart on the computer to help. I will do a normal time list too, but I like pictures :) I only have the bare bones now...
btw - anyone know a good planner program?
That is not Outlook? Maybe one that is on the creative side?


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