Friday, October 1, 2010

Blogfire: Candy

Today's carnival is a wonderful topic ...candy... yum!!! While I may not eat a lot of candy, it does not mean I do not appreciate it's yummy goodness. Heck, around her there is still leftover candy in January from Halloween and in June from Easter. So I popped on over to ArtFire to find some yummy candy goodness there...much of which is supposed to still be around months later :)

Candy Corn Soap by Smokey Mountain Scents

Old Fashioned Ribbon Candy Shop- Green, Pink & White Ribbon Candy by Dotted with Hearts

Wash Cloth Candies, set of 3 by Babycakes and Decor by Heather

Cotton Candy Goats Milk Cream with Shea Butter by Mea Culpa Body and Bath

Candy colored Synthetic Dreadlock Hair Falls by Blood Honey


  1. great packaging ideas! Need to tell people when they go into the bathroom, not to eat the soap! {:-D

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