Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pillow Palooza

I have finally finally gotten back behind the wheel...of the sewing machine that is. If you follow my Tilt's Creations blog you may have seen these already. But for those of who who have is the newest direction I have been heading while behind the wheel:

This yellow one was the first. The pic here shows the front & back. I added this type of snap closure on all the pillows. While I love envelope pillow covers, I don't like how they can open in the back. This seems to solve that problem. So would a zipper...but I will be saving that for the "fancier" pillows.

I have a question for you prefer to buy pillow covers with or without the form? I am waffling on which way to list them. Thanks :)


  1. great way of hiding the snap! You should include those pictures, of the snap, if you don't already... for unknowing viewers like myself {:-D

  2. Those are so cool! I love those pillows! I've never looked for a pillow form so it always makes me nervous that if I buy a cover I won't be able to find a form to fit. If your descriptions tell the exact size to buy to reassure people like me that I could find a form to fit, I wouldn't be so leary of buying just the cover.

  3. The snap closure makes so much sense!
    Beaded's comment is interesting. I would rather buy the cover (assuming it's a standard size) because I have forms already. Wouldn't it be fun to change them with the season?! Assuming your pillow covers are a standard size, perhaps you could offer the forms separately. Or try a mixture of both ways.


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