Friday, October 8, 2010

Etsyblogger Carnival: Fall Fun

This week's is brought to us by Ms. Moo, formerly known as Spotted Cow Soaps. These were our choices:
1. What are some fun activities you like to do in the fall.
2. Show us some awesome photos of autumn in and around where you live.

I do not really have any cool pics from around here. And as for fun activities, they tend to be the same as most seasons, just with my favorite weather & season to do it in.

The first is good year round, but when it's chillier I get to do it all snuggly on the couch. No! Not that :P Reading. I am talking about books. I devour them even more than normal once the chill sets in. Right now I am reading a zombie book by Mira Grant called Feed. It takes place 25 years after the initial outbreak. MMMmmm... zombies...with Halloween just around the corner, fun :)

The second thing...riding my bike. It gets chilly fast here in Michigan. One day it is 75* (like today) and the next week you are wearing winter coats. I try to get in a few good rides a week once the weather falls below 80* and before it freezes your face as you ride.

There is also the Zoo Boo at the Detroit Zoo. I haven't been since my oldest was a youngster. But the little recently expressed interest in going. It starts the 15th, so expect to see a post about that trip later in the month. I hope he doesn't get too scared.

So - what is your Fall fave?


  1. I agree with reading. Cooler weather and less daylight make for wonderful reading times. I like riding my bike as well. I'm OK with hot temps, but not a fan of, say, much below 50.
    Enjoy Zoo Boo!

  2. I absolutely agree with reading in the fall! Even in the daytime when it's cooler out I like to open the windows, get all snuggly under a blanket and read. When I find the time of course!

    The Zoo Boo sounds like fun too!

  3. I love bike riding too. Here in Ohio, we get that same wacky weather. The other day my kid was wearing his winter coat to school & today he came home in a t shirt. Just wacky!
    When it gets cooler I love doing warm baking & knitting. Sitting all curled up on the couch with my knitting needles & a good movie! Can't be beat!
    Zoo Boo sounds like a blast! Have fun!

  4. Snuggling up on the couch with a good magazine sounds pretty awesome right now! (I don't read books.)
    And the Zoo Boo sounds like so much fun!

  5. it looks like we're all readers and writers! And that bike "trailer" is so cute! That will give you a good workout! {:-D

  6. Love the photo of the bike and your little passenger! Your fun fall activities sound very alluring; I could Almost get my bike out now, but reading will have to do. After all, it is nearly 11pm, lol.

  7. oh I have been wanting to get one of those bike trailers for the longest time! I think you just talked me into it! Such a great photo, love it. :)


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