Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Food: Soup Storage

I love soup in the winter. The only problem I tend to have is the size of each batch. I want enough to last for a few days. But the problem lasts for a few days. A few too many once life gets in the way and dinners change. I tried freezing them in individual ziploc bags. Filling them up and lying them out on a baking sheet to freeze flat. This was okay, but often messy. Leakage from unlocked tops. Small tears in the bags. Even the frozen wrinkles were a pain when thawing.

The solution...use the bowls I eat the soup in originally. Well, the ziploc bags are still there, but better. Finding the right size bowl was easy for me since I have such a mish mash of kitchen goodies.

Simply put a serving of soup into the bowl and place inside a freezer zip bag. Then, well, freeze. note: it's easiest to label your bag before the initial freeze.

Removing them from the bowls was tricky at first. But if you treat it like an ice cube...slight twist & pop, then it's easy peasy.

I am usually able to pop the frozen soup out right inside the bag. Much cleaner than popping them out and having to get them back into the bag without getting your fingers all ooky.

You are left with frozen bowl shaped popsicles of soup. When it's time to eat, just heat and serve.

If you want to save on bags, just freeze (carefully) with bowls sitting on a baking sheet...they shouldn't be in there long enough for freezer burn. Then pop the 'sicles into one large bag.

Now I am off to figure out what soup I will cook up this weekend :)

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