Monday, January 17, 2011

Of Bears and Blankies

The blue blanket has been with the little guy since the beginning. He love the blue fuzzy soft side as much as the silky. He sleeps with it every night. It will often go on car rides. It has even made it's way into church a few times. It has been cleaned more times than I can count. It has only needed any triage twice...not bad for a 5 year old blankie.

Now the bear. He has been around since the beginning. But it was not until kiddo was almost 3 before it was a necessity. I have turned back around to home and retrieve it more than a couple times.

He came from Harrod's...not exactly around the corner when you live in Michigan. My brother and his wife brought him back from their London trip years ago. Has it been washed as often? Um, nope. I am so afraid to wash the little guy.He doesn't look too bad. Though not nearly as crisp white as he once was.

Anyone know how to safely wash a teddy bear? One that is necessary and not replaceable? Without spending as much as it would cost to fly back over to London and get another?

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