Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kiddo's New Bed

New to him anyway. His older cousin got a room makeover over the holidays thanks to his Dad's 2 weeks off :) So with the help of Uncle Pat, his super duper drill, a few jokes & giggles, some pizza and a beer...Ta Da! New bed! It'll be great when the bottom mattress is gone & the small bookcase & toy box can move in to leave more play space elsewhere.

Last night I had him sleep on the bottom. Mom was too worried about tumbles down the ladder without time to practice getting up & down. Waking up at 2:30am to walk to the bathroom with him is one thing...waking to a thump & cry is another.

Now he just needs to practice climbing the ladder....

"See mom, I can do it!"

"Can you find me?"

"Okay, that was hard work"

"Time to rest - please leave now Mom"


  1. What a fun new bed! He'll be climbing that ladder like a pro in no time!

  2. How fun! He looks like he's got ladder climbing down well.


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