Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blogfire Carnival: Hearts with a Twist

This week's Blogfire carnival takes a twist on the traditional red heart...some quite literally. Enjoy!

Deep Ocean Blue Heart Focal Bead by Badger Beads

Black Hearts Foldable Purse Hanger by JPBeads

You Are Here Art Print Over Vintage Dictionary Page by CollageOrama

Embroidered Hearts and Scroll Treasure Box by Satin Stitchery

Victorian Steampunk Heart Pendant in Silver and Copper by Victorian Steampunk Jewelry


  1. Lovely hearts and a great blog. Thanks for including my embroidered treasure box.

  2. Lovely feature! I really like that steampunk heart!

  3. Love your blog! Thanks so much for featuring my heart bead in your very unique and beautiful collection :-)

  4. Those are great! I Think my favorite is the collage, but choosing is really hard.


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