Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Gifts

We, at least me, do not get into Valentine's day...but I do like the cute gifts...the yummy ones are even better. Hubby went out and got these for us - all from Gayle's in Royal Oak (they have the best chocolate!!!)

For the youngest...who of course probably won't actually eat any of it...more for us :P

Hubby tried to find something music related for our oldest, but nothing hit right. So he is making him work for his treat...

...and he did put the puzzle together before inhaling the pieces.

And for me, I get to chose my treats based on my mood. These make it easy....


  1. What great chocolate gifts! Your hubby did a really good job on finding the right Valentines gifts!

  2. I have never seen chocolates like these...so unique!


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