Thursday, February 24, 2011

Etsyblogger Carnival: Go Green

This week's Etsyblogger carnival is hosted by Honey from the Bee. With St Patrick's day right around the corner, the two topic choices were:
1) St. Patrick's Day will be our next holiday. Write about any St. Patrick's Day traditions you have or memories... crafts.... food...
2) Thinking Green... write about what you're doing to make this a greener planet. This could be about your art or just around the house or at work.

I have only done something for St Patty's day once. And it was the "usual" for the U.S....hit the bars early & stay all day. Once was enough. Is the U.S. the only place that equates St Patty's day with getting stupid drunk?

Anyway - I like the second choice better. Green around here is also the "usual"...recycle (we are lucky to have a good curbside program), buy local when possible, go organic when we can afford to, give clothes & household items away rather than toss know, the "usual". But I always want to do more.

I am starting to incorporate more upcycle into my crafts. Scraps have always been kept to make small items and I PIF scrap bags on my Tilt Too site. PIF= pay it forward...I list them for the $0.20 that Etsy charges per items plus shipping, so it is as close to giving it away as I can get online.

I made a batch of market totes from a "rescued" slipcover. I have another that I will be making into a new batch sometime next month. Older, gently used, clothes are also falling in line to become something "new".

The first thing I have made is this skirt for a little girl, size
5T. I am going to have one of my son's friends try it out for me.

My mom passed on some jackets and things for me to play with as well. There is a bright teal raincoat just itching to be a fun tote. Now I just need to find some pattern designed specifically for upcycling. I know I can just adapt a regular pattern, but it would be nice to practice and get my chops with something already tried out.

I did find one shop, Fox and Doe (patterns now relocated to Lily Giggle), where I got a couple great patterns for kids that I am looking forward to making for my son and niece. The Krew jacket will be the first one I tackle. Isn't it adorable?
Anyone here know a good place for upcycle patterns? Mostly for adult clothing?

And to add to the fun - an Etsy treasury featuring Etsybloggers and Green :)


  1. Love the jacket and skirt and really love your bag! We have one of your bags and I think of you every time I use it!

  2. oooh! these are great, especially that bag! i'd love to know of upcycle patterns for adults as well, since this is something i'm just starting to explore. yay for going green!


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