Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th Of July

The Blogfire carnival for this round is for your country's holiday this time of year. So for me, that's the 4th of July...Independence Day.

I am not a parade person, so I try to skip that...I have yet to be successful. Cross your fingers for this year :)

Now fireworks...fireworks I like. I have the opposite problem than the parades though - I rarely go see any. I can hear Detroit's from my home though. Once or twice we could see some over the tops of the trees. I just feel sorry for the dog - he goes and hides under the table.

The once consistent thing that I do parent's pool party. Some years it is big, others it is small. But every year it is great to see everyone. What is big? Well, if most of my dad's side comes by, we can hover in the 40s...small would be about half that. Seeing everyone is not a once a year thing...more like 3-5 (Xmas, Labor Day, the 4th, Thanksgiving...) but my cousins rock & we always have a blast together. And now that most of us have kids - the place runs amok with kiddos!

The new thing for this 4th of July Special :) I am going with the freedom shipping in all my shops now through Sunday midnight (or whenever I wake up Monday to change the banners).

This is my latest bag - pretty good for this holiday, don't ya think?
This bag is now listed in my Etsy team's shop - Carried Away Bags...
all proceeds go to Herobox.


  1. The pool party sounds like a lot of fun! Your banner is great and that bag is fabulous!

  2. sounds like a fun fourth! I haven't met a dog yet that likes fireworks - at least all of ours, over the years. Cute banner - hope your special does good. And like your bag - perfect for the holiday - not "in-your-face" !


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