Friday, July 17, 2009

Packaging, Shipping and Handling

Everyone knows shipping costs money. Most people groan when they see the charges for shipping and wonder why it seems so high, especially if the item does not cost much. I am sure the majority of people realize the the price of what you buy in no way determines what USPS or UPS or whatever charges to ship the package. Although, how great would that be!

So what goes into the cost?
Well, other than paying the shipping company, the packaging isn't free. Well, if you ship USPS Priority it is...the container anyway. But what about what wraps up your item on the inside? There may be bubble wrap to keep things from getting squooshed and smashed. Plastic bags to keep things dry. And if you are buying from a cookie cutter big company store, that is probably all there is. But if you are like me & prefer Indie and/or handmade...there is most likely more to it.

Susy from the blog Earth Expression has a great write up about this issue - great tips for the sellers. As an Indie seller myself, I know that I want my customers to feel appreciated, and packaging can go a long way towards that. I am still trying to find packaging I like bags can be quite large and tissue paper wrapped around it to look pretty won't always fit.

The little touches that so many sellers add to their creations, which already have so much love put into them, does not come cheap. But neither do most of them charge for it. Yup, you heard me right.
I got a package from Rockerchic the other week...the bracelet came in a fabric bag with a surprise gift inside, you may have seen it in this post. It's great example of of a goodie package.
But the package I remember the most, so much that I took a pic of it, was from Mana Moon Treasures. I just loved the pruple & it had some foil confetti strips...very striking. Plus, a coupon... gotta love that.

Most sellers I know do not tack on more than maybe 25 or 50 cents to the shipping charges, if even that. So those charges that get you moaning may be no more than the same charges that get sellers moaning...the charges from the shipping companies. And when you stop to think about it...$4.95 to send a package across the states...not so bad. That same $4.95 will only get my car, what, 30 or so miles away from my house?

So what great things have sellers put in your packages?
What do you like to do with the packages you send out to your customers?


  1. I love getting packages where I can tell they were packed with care. For my buyers, I put the jewerly in a gift box, wrap it and put a ribbon around it. I want them to feel like they are getting a present!

  2. Now more than ever I try to put extra thought into my packaging. I like to wrap the product and then tie with ribbon and a handmade card attached. I even now stamp the box--all with the hope of making it seem special before even opening the content.

  3. Oh gosh ... I've received samples and other small gifts - from the artisan I purchased from and others! This is always fun. And I do enjoy getting biz-like cards too.

    I love wrapping my sale item like gifts, and I know my customers appreciate that and some are so surprised and delighted by it I get a personal note! I often include a little something extra handmade - an aceo, a bookmark, a cord, etc) or even one of those samples *I've* received! And I always include my biz-cards as well those of others. :)

  4. I love getting little goodies in my packages :)

    Shipping costs can be high...but you made a good point that $5 can go acroos the country :)

  5. I love getting goodies in my bag :) I haven't been able to include many in my shipments yet though :( Hoping to start playing with doing more of that soon though :D

  6. Great post! I love getting something a little extra or with extra care - coloured tissue with a 'packed with love' sticker to hold it together or a small chocolate. I love it when suppliers play the game too and send you a pen or a little free gift as well.

    I wrap everything like a gift. So the item goes in a tissue lined box, the box is wrapped in a ribbon, the gift box goes into a tissue lined shipping box with an individual chocolate and a handwritten note. I get such great feedback from customers.


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