Saturday, July 4, 2009


I have been tagged by my Etsyblogger bud, Storybeader. She chose people that she thought wouldn't get mad - LOL! She's right, I won't. Actually, I really like the photo tags. They can be fun.

The tag is: to search in your photo files, and find & post the 10th photo in the first folder. Now, saying "1st folder" to me is open to interpretation...I have tons of folders, sub solders & sub sub folders. So I went into my "primary" done folder for my Tilt stuff...I have some for unedited to make things easier when I go to fix all my pics for listings. I also have main folders for family - food - places - graphic creations...etc. it is - a pastel drawing I made back in 2003/2004 (not sure of the exact date, just know the circumstances and therefore the time) after we lost our son, Cullen.

Now to pass it on...I am going to pick a few new buds from Plurk:

She's Batty

Meg Little Studio


Meri's Elbit Blog


  1. The drawing is simply beautiful!
    I went back and read your story...(((HUGS)))!
    So glad you still have two healthy boys at home with you today :)

  2. Thanks for tagging me- I may do that meme at some point. :D

    Aww, I just read that post- *big hugs!*

  3. That is a beautiful drawing. Thanks for sharing the painful story of your son Cullen. I feel like crying, too.

  4. I'm going to do this meme today. I am so, so sorry you lost your son, I am sending you big hugs :)


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