Saturday, July 18, 2009

I aRt Festival July 25th & 26th

This is where I am going to be next weekend. It will be my first two day show. Plus, it will be the first time I am gone for a week and only home for one day before a show. Hmmm....that may also be a last - we'll see.

I am hoping to get 8 more bags done...4 of two different styles. I want to have fewer styles on display, but with at least 4 versions of each. I will also have a clearance table - but I may not break that out right away - not sure yet.

Anyway - wish me luck. From here on out (for the next week or so anyway) my posting will be few and scheduled. Hope to see you when I return - with a post about the show I hope...or if I am too tired, a quick run down until a real post is doable.


  1. Good luck at the show! Wish I was closer so I could go!

  2. Good luck! May it be fun and successful!

  3. your bags are beautiful - you should do real good. Remember to plan ahead and get a good rest before you go! xxoo {:-Deb


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