Monday, June 29, 2009

Etsyblogger of the Month: Lazy T Crochet

Lazy T Crochet? Ha! She's anything but lazy! But just looking at all her crocheted goodies will want to make you lazy - and just cuddle up with their soft goodness and relax. These are some of my faves: (click on the image to go to her Etsy shop page with that item)

And she shows a pretty great sense of humor too...

Be sure to go read her blog - you'll see she is far from lazy :)

Visit her...
Art Fire Shop
destash shop
Facebook page
and Twitter

She is a member of
and the following Etsy teams: ClevelandTeam
EtsyFAST (Fiber Arts Team)
EtsyBloggers Team
...see - not lazy :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Casto Creations

Elegant jewelry that is handmade is just so beautiful. And to have some of the proceeds go to a good cause, well, that's even better. Casto Creations does both. A recent diagnosis of Leukemia in the family has inspired her to create this beautiful piece of jewelry and help raise funds for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. (click on image to go to purchase this pendant)

You can find more of her work in her Etsy, 1000 Markets and Trunkt shops. These are some of my faves....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lookie What I Got!

The first thing is my hemp necklace that I got from Roseworks Jewelry. I was a top commenter on her blog contest going on She has two more blogs worth checking out too...a treasury blog and one for book reviews.
I have been wearing this necklace as a bracelet actually...wrap twice around the wrist & it is a perfect fit!

The second thing I got was a prize from Quilt Home...a Blog Link Shopping Spree! Woo Hoo! These are the goodies that will be coming my way soon...and okay, I spent a little more than I won...but hey, I am a fabriholic.

added: I just have to say...Quilt Home Rocks! I ordered the fabric on the 23rd
- in the afternoon...and received it on the 26th!

Monday, June 22, 2009

S & T Creations

I love promoting other artisans and "paying it forward", and this lady is all about that too.
S & T Creations is part of my Creative Bloggers ring and the eSmarts Etsy team - both of which do just that. The eSmarts team believes in Paying It Forward and their intent is to utilize their shop to do just that and support those in need. So hop on over to their shop & check it out, you could help someone out just buying buying some awesome handmade goodies.

She also has a blog with some great reads. I know everyone suffers from creative blocks from time to time, but not everyone shares. She has. Her way of unblocking is very similar to what I do sometimes - create something for yourself. Being selfish can be a good thing. It can loosen up your imagination because you take away the stress of "but is this what they really want". And her resulting creation turned out awesome...wanna see? click here.

And of course there are her own creations. You can find her work over on Etsy and Art Fire. These are a couple of my faves:

Do you blog? Do you like to feature other bloggers? Then join us over at Creative Bloggers...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

For my Dad: the best daddy a girl could ask for...

For my husband: the best dad anyone could want for their kids...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week in Review

Sunday June 7:
Craft show in Ann Arbor with other Etsians - MICE (Michigan Indie Crafters of Michigan) mom went with me...and I had a custom order near the end of the show for a small zip pouch to hold his wife's USB flash drives

Not much of anything...and liked it!

Did a happy dance when I got a request for a last minute custom order for a bridal party...took tons of photos (which I am still cropping & resizing)...oldest had his last full day of middle school - why doesn't he look happy about it? hmmm, maybe because mom surprised him at the front door with a camera lol!

Went to the store to get the fabric for the custom order...and otherwise just hung out with my boys..reorganized most of my fabric - used comic book boards to wrap them in & put on the shelves like books

Cut out fabric for custom order after I went back to the store for a different selection (guess I jumped the gun...but hey, I needed purple fabric anyway)

Zoo time once again! funniest part: it was the last day of school for the oldest, who forgot his key - so he called me, rode up to the zoo to get said key...just so he could go home to do nothing & veg...but we wrangled him into joining us for the dinos...ironed on the interfacing in the evening

...oh, and had to cage the oldest for key forgetting...

Hubby watched the little guy so I could sew sew sew!!! Custom order complete! Took all day, literally - I only stopped to eat & um, other necessary things...

(I'll get the rest of the dino pics up on Flickr soon)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fabric dot com Special

I got a nice little surprise in my inbox yesterday from One of their managers offered my readers a coupon to their site. And no, this is not a paid ad or anything.
But I do highly recommend their shop. I have had nothing but fabulous service from them. And their search engine is great. I have been getting a ton of my fabric from them lately & have yet had to wait more than a few days for my shipment to arrive.
So - about the offer:

Readers have a $5 coupon, the code is "blogtiltcreations". The coupon is a one time only coupon that is valid from June 12th to June 19th.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy 8 Years to Us!

I can't believe it has been eight years a good way :) I thought I'd bring you along on a little stroll down memory lane. We had a daytime wedding - I'm not into frills & can't see spending tons of money on a one day deal...I'd rather keep the money for the marriage than the wedding. Only flowers were for the bridesmaid & a couple corsages, no cake, no band or DJ, no floofy table pretties (they had some pretty cool looking beaded lamps at each table already), inexpensive dress, no new jewelry or spa get the idea. But it was still pretty :) Plus, it is still talked about as being one heck of a fun wedding. You're welcome :)

The day started with my hair getting done by my hairdresser - who has been doing my hair since I was 12. My bridesmaid (yes, only one), myself & Yvonne shared a bottle of champagne with OJ afterward. This may have contributed to my almost being late to the church. But I prefer to blame traffic or driving slow so my hair did not get mussed. *snicker*

Got dressed and took a couple pics before the ceremony. This one is my fave - my son kissing me on the cheek. How sweet is he?

The ceremony itself was a total blur... and no, not because of the champagne. I was much more nervous than I thought I would be. I hate being in front of people or the center of attention.
I recall forgetting what to do with my dad once we reached the end of the aisle. But since my mom forgot to be the first to stand when I started walking down - I figure it evened things out. Walking back down after was much easier....

The reception was held at the Gem theater in downtown Detroit. Our first big dinner out together was at their Century Club - awesome food. We were one of their earliest receptions. It was great - we did not even need a cake because the dessert they had was so awesome. And an open bar - of course.

This is me and my Becca (my bridesmaid)...who recently deserted me for the wonderful world of Colorado...miss you sweetie! Being my only bridesmaid, she got to pick out her dress with just one guideline - the color. Doesn't she look amazing?! If I didn't love her so much I may not have liked her looking so gosh darn pretty.

If you have ever been downtown, you may recall what is right behind the Gem...Tiger stadium. Yes folks...we went to a Tigers game after the reception. And by "we" I mean about 50 of our guests...actually, some tickets were given away because of those that changed their minds...or stayed at the Gem to continue the know who you are!
And yes, we stayed all bridaly. The Tigers even won, so you know it was a special day.
We did make a quick stop on our way around the the Pepsi Challenge - which we also won. Go us!

On the way in we had to recreate a pic in front of the stadium from a few years back when I went with friends to a game (friends who have since moved back to Europe)...Jim made a pretty good stand in. Although, I did not realize at the time just how much leg was showing...but remember, this was after the open bar reception :)

So Happy Anniversary sweetie...I Love You!

Yellow Flower

I bet you were expecting a picture of, well, a yellow flower. Wrong. You get to see cool woven, vintage & gem jewelry instead. But only after I introduce you to this artisan's blog, Yellow Flower. Her most recent post talks about packing up to move and she even gives us a peek into her boxes. One of which shows a book that could fit on my shelf. And after reading her profile, I think lots of her stuff could fit in my house. Always room for another Firefly fan!

So after you go & check out her blog, stop on by her shops at Etsy & Smashing Darling where you can find more of these goodies:

Do you like to blog about other bloggers? Then come on over and join us at Creative Bloggers.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Week in Review

I know, I's Monday & the week just started...but I was at a craft show yesterday & was to tuckered out to write a post last night.

Sunday: not much of anything - it was sewed up the Zombie messenger bag...

Monday: Lots of playing with the dog and swinging....

Tuesday: Bike to the zoo and stroll around for a couple up Firefly bag

Wednesday: Off to the zoo - again... iron at night - lots and lots of ironing....

Thursday: Quote of the day from the 4 yo "My juice is evil" I asked why..."It attacked my shirt"
Oldest spent the day at Cedar Point (amusement park) with the Junior National Honor Society - I don't think I would want to see any pics - a bunch of teenagers - no thanks :P
...swinging, basketball, teeball, chalk fun on the up the Buffy B bag...

Friday: played with Mr Potato Head....rode 1.5 miles to the library with the little guy in tow, followed by a quick playground stop...the oldest went to the June Fair - our reaction: "phew! he's old enough that we no longer have to go!" and then did a little dance of joy... sew a bunch of clutches....


Saturday: Quote of the day, from my 4yo...when he saw a teeter toter on tv:
W: "Can you put that on my list?" which is his way of asking for things
Me:"but you need another kid to play on it

W: "So put a little kid in your tummy and when it comes out being born, then put it on my list" ready for the MICE show at the Ann Arbor Artisan Market on Sunday...and sew up one last messenger bag - the Grr Argh...