Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September's Etsyblogger of the Month: Designs by Vanessa

The birds may be starting to head down south here, but you can still find some adorable ones over at Vanessa's shop.

And don't forget the jewelry...

...or the cupcakes...

Her blog is awesome. Not only fun to look at - she always has fabulous finds to show off - but there are giveaways and interviews going on all the time. It's a must see. And check out her font - I just love fun fonts! I know, I get excited over the little things - but it gives everything such a fun feel.

This is her blog fun :)

Designs by Vanessa

*not sure how to display the code without it turning into another badge - but if you are interested in displaying it on your blog, she has the code up on her sidebar*

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, September 25, 2009

Etsyblogger Carnival: Me

1) Show your face! I love to know the artist behind the work. Show us a picture of yourself and talk about your work, life...whatever. Interview yourself if you like. 2) you don't want to show your us your studio instead. Where do you create? Do you like it/want something different? What is your favorite part about where you create?

Originally I was going to do the show your studio, but I remember I had posted about that before... but I could not find I popped in another pic I had instead.

So I chose to go with the show your face option. But I have no pictures of myself...barely. I really really, really really, really really dislike my picture being taken. So I took one myself. I have one with a flash so the colors appeared normal, but I liked this one better. Even with the squinty eye.

Now about list format okay?
  • mom
  • wife
  • daughter
  • friend
  • artist wanna-be
  • sewer
  • master procrastinator
  • supreme WIP girl
  • book lover *just one peek at my book list on the left sidebar or my Shelfari at the bottom of the page will show you just how much....and backs up the next 2 things on this list*
  • fan of tv & movies...gimme some sci-fi, horror, Indy or comedy & I am one happy girl
  • sci-fi chick - even if they did change the channel to SyFy
  • urban supernatural follower - gimme vamps, supes, fae, witches, zombies & kick a$& chicks and once again - happy girl
  • tattooed - 5 times - and wanting more
...and much more, but don't wanna bore you :)

edit: btw - the pic was taken on the tub to look into the mirror over the's the only one :P

Thursday, September 24, 2009

BlogFire Carnival: Your Home

"Your Home" What do you love about your home, and why? If you don't necessarily like your home at the moment, what could you buy on ArtFire that would help make it more special, more comfortable, or cozier?

Well, this one is easy...and fun! I do not like my house very much. Don't get me wrong, it's not horrid, I just am here all day...every day...all day - did I say that already? Anyway, when you spend all day, every day, looking at the same things, you get tired of it quickly. Especially if you procrastinate the deep clean & fixing ups & rearranging to do other things, like oh, I don't know, sewing bags or raising kids.

So I am going to show you somethings I would live to put in my home to make it cozier. Keep in mind I am not "shopping" with an overall look in mind, so things may not match quite like they would if I were shopping for real. Just wanted to make sure we are all on the same page...and that you won't think I am a total weirdo design-wise.

Here goes...
The Family Room:

*Remember... by Country Workshop*

*Sweep IV Modern Steel Clock by All15designs*

*Ocean Rocker III Rocking Chair by ODE*

*Reflections lamp by Jesseleecreations*
...bonus with this is that I can see the kids around the corner if I placed it right :) ...

The Kitchen:

*Cherry cutting board by Ripperarts*

*Oversized stemless Spring glasses by Marywibis*

*Brains by withremote*

The "Office/Sewing Room/Mom's Room"
(of which we would need to put an addition onto the house first):

*I freaking heart handmade print by Geekdetails* hang above sewing machine...

*Framed wall-mount magnet board by Moore Magnets*

*Post-it note stained glass holder by Blessings-Glassworks*

*Filing cabinet/bench by Wooditis*

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Joella and Rae Ann

Let's start of with some pretties from Joella at Always Wired Bead Lady.

You can read up on her works and their inspirations on her blog, Always Wired Bead Lady.

So you know I love jewelry...of the handmade variety at least. And I also love buttons...even as jewelry actually. I have had Wordless Wednesdays of buttons and make many bags decorated with buttons.

But what about blog buttons? I have seen so many cute ones out there & always wondered just where the heck do people find them. Well, I found one place that does customizable ones....The Button Box.

Rae Ann is a stay at home mom like myself who found a fun creative outlet...for profit :) She even does headers and backgrounds. She has a blog also, of course, called Critical Mass where you can learn more about her. Unfortunately, her computer decided to go belly up recently, so she may be a bit behind in posting. I just love her banner text: "Pretending to lose weight - but not my mind- while raising children". Sounds so familiar. Heck, our reading lists are even similar :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Sur-Prizes

I have been pretty lucky with Giveaways lately. Either that I just entered so many that I was bound to win.  So let's get started...
The Paper Addict's card set won over at Skylar's Clips
Patch First Shop's set of 3 Crystal Rings won during the Etsyblogger's Mega Giveaway.
I just had to share the package too
Ms Moo's soap won over on her blog Spotted Cow Soaps

So Stinking Sweet Soap won over at So Stinking Sweet

Thank you everyone!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

BlogFire Carnival: My Fave Weekend Activity

Okay, so I missed the deadline...I had it set for the wrong day...but since it was written anyway....
My Fave activities? Not really sure if I have one. My weekends are not much different than my weekdays. The biggest difference is there are more people here (no school for the kids or work for hubby). 
Ideally I would relax, do nothing, maybe go on bike rides. I will relax much as being a full time parent can let you relax. Do, no. Need another 14 years until the youngest is out of the house for that one. Bike rides, sure...but always with a passenger. That activity won't need 14 years until I can do it alone...only about 10 until he can stay home by himself.
In the real world my favorite things to do are hang with my boys and sew. The summertime is almost like one big weekend for the hanging with the boys, so weekends don't feel like weekends just yet. Maybe in another week or two when both boys are in school.
The sewing part, well, that is not much different than the weekdays either I suppose. Maybe even less time spent because everyone is home. There are those times that the boys - I am including hubby in this - take off for somewhere & I get the house to myself for an hour or so. But in those moments - I tend to do nothing...and love every minute of it, usually with a good book.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Etsybloggers Carnival: 9-11

I think most of us remember where we were when the Towers fell. I live in the same time zone so it was rather early. I was alone with the dog watching it while on the phone with my mom & my husband. The dog could feel my emotions and snuggled up to me. I remember crying quietly and then letting out a burst when they fell. My husband left work early, I think most everyone did. It took a while though. Probably because no one could believe it was for real.
But what I remember most were the days following. We would go for walks to the park and it was so quiet. No air traffic. Everyone seemed to be just walking around quietly mourning. And then one day we startled & looked up. A plane flew overhead. My heart caught in my throat. My husband & I tightened out grip on our son's hand. It was an Air Force jet. We live near enough to Selfridge that the planes do fly over. But it was still strange to hear one again. 
So what do I do differently now? Is it bad to say not much? Not with that express reason anyway. We do donate more, but we always have. The biggest change was within our own lives. We appreciate every day we have together that much more. We know how lucky we are to be here together. And to be here together where yes, an attack happened. But looking at other parts of the world where they live it everyday, we are truly blessed.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shampoo Love

I have been trying to buy as many things handmade and/or local as I can recently. A month or so ago I gave a shout out on Plurk to find some handmade shampoo. I have already been using soaps (which I am now addicted to...just ask Ms. Moo of Spotted Cow Soaps) so shampoo was the next logical step.
I found a few I like (Gudonya...awesome salt shampoo - love the feel, Essensu and In a Lather - perfect bar shampoo for my gym bag) but went back for Essensu. She custom made a scent for me that is just wonderful...Vanilla Sandalwood. My hair has never felt so awesome! I got some small sample sized goodies to try too....face wash, lotion, conditioner...I think I am again addicted to handmade washables :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Michelle and Brittany

You know I like to show off other artisans, well, other bloggers are fun too. Today, you get both.

Brittany writes a blog, The Greer 5. You will find lots of reviews, giveaways, tips, recipes and tidbits of life. She has a giveaway going on now until the 9th for a $30 Skin Free gift certificate. Her review sounds great, so hop on over before it's over. There is also a giveaway for a more mature'll just have to go see for yourself :)

Michelle writes her blog, Michabella Creations, and creates fab jewelry. You can see some of the newer creations she brought to a recent show here and on her Facebook page. But I also need to share one of my faves:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Etsyblogger of the, erm, um, Last Month...

Yes, I am behind. Although, I did show off some of Edi's things earlier this month, so I've got that going for me. Actually, I had her here the month before too when I showed you the awesome scrapbooks she made for my niece and brand new nephew.

You know I like her stuff (obviously), and so will you. Just check out some of these fun things from her shop...and then go pop in to see some more. Her blog will show you what she's doing now...both creatively and in her life. And she always seems to be doing something fun.