Thursday, August 20, 2009

Notes and Thank Yous

I like to put in a little note with every order I send out. I found lots of great (inexpensive) stuff on Vista Print - everything from business cards to pamphlets to banners - but I wanted to add a more personal touch. So I turned to what I know and love the best...handmade. I went to people I "knew" from my Etsyblogger team, Twitter and Plurk.

Edi from Memories for Life is on my Etsyblogger team (she's even our featured blogger this month!), I have ordered some great albums through her before. She whipped up these great Thank You cards for me the other week to match my business cards. I used one the same day I got them :)

She's Batty is a Plurk buddy who makes wonderfully fun cards - my fave are her Halloween related items. I got a mix of blank cards from her to cover all different occasions. There is even a batch of mini cards.

Love to Stamp is on Plurk and ArtFire. I have run across her stuff many times over. While I was shopping for cards I knew I had to pick up a fabric flower one that has been on my Hotlist forever...along with the bookmark...and mini cards. I am thinking about framing the fabric flower card though, it so rocks!

My last stop on my card tour was at Mercyming. I ran across her shop very early on in my Etsy adventures. I bought 2 special photo cards that I have always loved. Odds are these will be for personal use though...unless I frame them with the fabric flower ☺

So if you happen to buy any bags from me in the near future, expect one of these lovelies to come along for the ride.


  1. Those are all wonderful cards! I saw the ones Edi made you and liked them so much she's making me some animal print cards!

  2. great post! I Love Paper... and Beads!

  3. You got LOTS of goodies! Thanks for showing off my Thank You Cards :)

  4. Those are all wonderful - and all three are not only great artist - but great people too!


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