Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Features

Today is a show off day. But not my stuff (if you want to see my new monsters, go here and here...or here to see some bags). Nope, today is to show off things I received recently....don't get too jealous, lol :)

First custom order from Kindred Spirit Treasures:

And some cell phone charms from Kindred Spirit Treasures as well...I may use them as zipper pulls for more special purses...

Then I popped over to Elegance by Mode for these lovelies...

And last, but not least, my beaded lacey necklace from Roseworks Jewelry. It may be a necklace, but I have also been worn wrapped around my wrist a few times as a bracelet. Plus, it goes with everything!


  1. All are lovely Theresa! Bet it feels like Christmas when you go to your mailbox!

  2. Beautiful finds! Aren't you a lucky lady with all of those pretties!

  3. Thank you for showing off the pieces you got from Mom and I! You did an incredible job of photographing the necklace Mom made you :)

  4. Those are all so great! I especially love the crocheted necklace and the black and white beaded necklace!!!


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