Monday, August 24, 2009

Manic Monday Post

I am so so SO behind. I was only not feeling well for like a week and that was a month ago, but it threw me off. There were so many great bloggers and artisans I wanted to introduce you to. I wanted to give each of them their own post, but I decided if I wait for that, it'll take too long. SO here they are....

MezziG is from Australia and she has a blog called Creative Outlet. She makes some really cool braided items that she shows off wonderfully in this post. I just love this blue beaded and braided button bracelet she made (say that 5 times fast!)

Next up is Chichiboulie...what a fun name ☺ Gretchen's blog is the Boulie Blog - more name fun. If you are French, check out her French blog...or if you just read French it'd work - don't want to get exclusive, lol!
Her family recently embarked on a journey - a puppy journey. One read of this post will get you hooked on her blog - but beware of ensuing giggles - they could cause whatever you are drinking to get sputtered coffee almost wound up on my computer when I read some of the other animal options and their uses.
Along with her 3 creative kids and new puppy, she is a designer/illustrator. I love her work - it is very fun and upbeat. This is one of my faves: Isn't he cute?

And get this, she teamed up with a stamp maker! So if you like her style, you can head over to Stampingbella for some stamp fun!

Kelly from Macaroni & Glue always makes me smile with her posts. Her kids are a wonderful source of hilarity and so often remind me of my own & their adventures...and comments only a kid can make. She posts "Dear Kid" letters on her blog that sum up their weeks so well. This is her latest here.
Her shop is currently on vacation, but I can't go without showing off some of her awesome Retrocrafted Paper Goods. This Ring Me card is a great example of her "retro" portion of her work...

And the last one for today is Hilary from '57 Design Studio. You can find her over at her Designing Hilary blog or her shop. But I'm going right to her shop...because, well, more awesome jewelry! It's funny, I adore jewelry (bracelets & necklaces mostly), but do not wear it all the time. Maybe I just need to go out more. And if I do, I could wear this...

Okay - I feel so much better now. There are more to come...aren't there always. It's a good addiction though, right? Showing off other people's creativity...what could be better. Well, owning some of it I suppose. I'm working on it, slowly. If I ever won the lottery - Etsy & Artfire may get drained, LOL :P


  1. Those are all great finds and I agree, if I win the lottery so will many artists when all my shopping is done!

  2. How fun! The beaded button bracelet is amazing! Thanks for showing us all these creations!

  3. Great items!
    I agree...if I won the lottery...Etsy would be my first shopping stop!!!

  4. Great items!!! Etsy has many great artists..

  5. Great blog!! I always love to learn about new shops on Etsy which we often miss. Thanks for sharing - definitely love Hilary's necklace!

  6. Those are all fantastic - but I love the button bracelet at the top the most!


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