Thursday, August 27, 2009

BlogFire Carnival: Favorite Craft

What is my favorite craft or technique? Do I have to pick one? Not sure if I could. My mood dictates what my favorite of anything is, whether it be clothes, food, books, movies or crafts.

I would say that the craft I do most often is sewing, by far. But is that only because I (try to) sell what I make? Or is it because I love it so much? I think the best answer is both. I do enjoy taking a flat piece of fabric and manipulating it into something totally different. Bags are what I make the most, but I really like to make clothes, stuffies, pillows, placemats & table runners, wallets, aprons and other house & holiday type things...I think that covers just about, well, anything ☺

Technique-wise, I wouldn't know if there even is a "technique"...other than hand versus machine. And I like both. I am self taught so when it comes to the technicalities, I am not so much for the knowing. And yes, I know, horrible sentence, but I tend to write how I talk. Like my technical terms...they tend to be rather, um, imaginative. I now know of gussets and plackets and french seams. But I still tend to refer to techniques more like "that foldy in seam" or " that squooshed together and sewn across texture" or "when you sew long and pull to get it scrunchy". I know what I mean and since I work alone, it's fine.

What other crafts do I like? All. I suppose there are some out there that may not float my boat, but so far I have not met a craft I did not like. I do need to work more in too. And next month is going to be the perfect opportunity. I am going to be doing A Craft A painting, clay, paper and everything else - look out because here I come!


  1. I love your words! I like to make up words also. They are so much more fun than the used-up words other people deem to employ.
    It may just be now, or my computer, or some other unknowable, but the craft a day link did not work.

  2. I write like I talk too so I always enjoy reading your posts! You are certainly very talented with your sewing and I just love that snowman! Are you planning on maybe adding other items like that in your shop sometime?

  3. Your right - our posts are very similar! Only I didn't have enough energy to post pictures :P

  4. I make up words because it is easier for my hubby to understand--he could care less about French Seams:) I agree with Beaded, the snowman is adorable but I really like the lizard! great job.

  5. All of your sewn creations are lovely! You have such a great variety :)


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