Friday, August 28, 2009

Etsyblogger Carnival: Back to School

What does back to school mean to me? Time. And sewing.

Last year my youngest had started preschool. It is only 4 hours long, but wow, what a difference that 4 hours makes! All summer I felt like I was getting nothing done. But starting September 21st...that to-do list shall start to whittle!!! That is still so far away...they start the little guys a few weeks after the "older" ones - you know, the Kindergartners :P

I will be a sewing maniac those first couple weeks, maybe. I am still a master procrastinator, so who knows. But I am really hoping to change things up enough to stay focused.

Oh, and blogging and Excel and Quicken...that's what else school means to me. From that time aspect anyway.

I am doing A Craft A Day next month, just in time for back to school. It will be easy to check up on me to see if I am actually accomplishing anything. Here's to hoping that the extra school time will be what I am hoping for *cheers*


  1. What a fun twist on back to school! You always make me smile, if not outright laugh. I'm sure you will get quite a lot of lovely items made for your shop. I'm thinking about that craft a day challenge. That would be fun, but I've hardly been able to get the basics done for many months. It would be an
    Happy Back to School Day to you!

  2. I'm sure those 4 hours will come in very handy! Can't wait to see what you create with your "extra" time!

  3. Good luck with your craft-a-day! I remember when both my girls were finally in school... I don't think I knew what to do with myself for awhile!

  4. I'm glad my hubby is back in school for many of the same reasons :P

  5. Enjoy your up-coming crafty time :) Can't wait to see your craft a day projects!


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