Monday, September 29, 2008

Etsy at the Market: Ann Arbor, MI

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This Sunday, October 4th in Ann Arbor Michigan. The micetsy team and local artists will be at Kerrytown Market. If you are in the area, come on by and shop with us!

Visit some micetsy team shops & glimpse what may be there:

AllThingsGrow Beadbug


chicalookate ElleMBee Enamored

eve vandalsen (evestarfire)

FiberToDyeFor GazedUponGlass

Hfoco KPGlassJewelry1 Lara&Me LilPeanutDesigns MarcyAnna

MartaEnglandDesigns Mimi&Boo MindsEyeCards M'Lou is Pink

QuenchEssentials Siouxsane StefanieWithLuv StoriesDivinations

SugarCreekStuff susanvancamp thejunebride

here's some more on etsy... wee ones little things

La Femme Monkita Facets by Kathryn dangargyle IslandGirlBags

Read the article in The Ann Arbor Chronicle


  1. Thank you for including me! I actually won't be at that fair though.

    And, if I got it right last time, we're supposed to use micetsy_team as the tag, because they wanted team in the name.

    I have been using both though!

    Hope you do well at the fair!

    La Femme Monkita

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for posting my shop as the "ETSY SELLER OF THE WEEK".
    Nice blog !
    Good luck at the fair !!!

  3. I won't be at the fair but I'm lovin' your song :)


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