Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pics Pics Pics - what a pain

I understand that photos are extremely important when it comes to selling online. I also realize there are many different opinions on just how "professional" looking they should be. One camp thinks that since they are handmade, the pics shouldn't look like they were shot by a leading professional in a high end studio. The other side thinks they need to in order to compete and also because handmade is actually better than mass produced.
Many sellers strive for that magazine perfect look for their photos, other's want one-click snapshot style, and the rest are somewhat midway. I am midway, but my desire runs towards the higher end.
I recently retook my pictures, not once, not twice...but three times! Granted, not every bag was taken each time. I tried inside with a black backdrop...the feedback I got on that was not too positive.
The next set was still inside, but using a white backdrop and 'floor'. These turned out a bit too yellow. I know why now - I used my art canvases - not strictly white.
So, in the end, my best pictures were outside. Here in Michigan, that is not always an easy feat. Luckily it was sunny and warm (too warm!) last weekend and with the help of my mom (thanks mom!) - I got lots of pics - in the hundreds.

Of course, I have been at the computer non-stop for the past 3 days cropping, white balancing (is that a word?), and whatever else to make them look better without changing the way they actually look.

Now I need to list! list! list!
Here's a sneek peek:


  1. I completely that pics are a pain. But these are absolutely amazing! The bags are gorgeous and you have showcased them beautifully!

  2. The pictures are wonderful, so are the bags..What beautiful work you do..Thanks for visiting my blog..

  3. I see you make bags as well!!! They are all lovely. I love the variety of styles. thanks so much for your comments -- you are too sweet!


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