Sunday, September 28, 2008

Explosion of purse parts

This is what my cutting table looked like might not be able to tell, but there are 6 purses here. Somedays I just feel like I never get ahead. Granted, it could be because I often take them apart after I am done to tweak something. Like with these, well, 5 of them anyway.

I suppose if I hadn't spent the last two weeks taking new photos (which STILL aren't right) and on this computer (yeah, why am I still here?)...well, I'd have more done. I did finish the chili pepper one though :)

I really need to step things up. Not because they are flying off the shelves...well, one fell off to my aunt - does that count? But because I want to get all the purses on paper into fabric form. I have drafted about 25 designs and transformed only ...(let's see...rachelle, theresa, oval, eve twist, envelope, backpack, diaper bag...) that'd be 7. So, only 18 to go. Woo Hoo :}

I plan to have updates here to keep myself in check.
  • Tonight's goal: finish the 3 totes.
  • Tomorrow - off because I will be sewing for my son's
    marching band - same with Wednesday.
  • Tuesday: finsh the muted mint green striped Rachelle
  • Thursday: rework the blue paisley (upper right of pic)
    this was it originally >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Why change it you ask? The inside pocket was messed up & I didn't like the way the vinyl strap tabs ended up.
    Told you I keep tweaking :0

So, wish me luck. Let's see if my focus stays. Better yet, let's see if my toddler-in-training (potty training that is) lets me keep it focused.

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