Monday, March 30, 2009

Brag Time...Big Time

...I have been on a bit of a giveaway sign up kick in the past month or so...and I've won some, ok, lots, of great goodies that's I'd like to show off.

The first win was a while back: a bead by Beadwright which I featured on my treasury blog here.

Then there was a custom banner & avatar from Landrithandco on My Funny Bunny Handmade's blog. I will be sure to show you these once they are complete...I can't wait!

Quirky Dolls is sending me an awesome frame she made, which I'll show you once it arrives. Thanks to Love Etsy Feedback blog for featuring her giveaway!

I still need to go shopping at Kangaroodle with the gift certificate I won through Green Earth Journey's blog.

And once I get my gift certificate...I'll be doing some designing and shopping on T-Shirtmonster...that one was from Simply Stacie's blog.

Then, on the blog Kee's Baby Love there was a Tree of Life Pendant from her She's All That's etsy shop Kee's Juicy Gems . You should really go peek at her blog, she just had a beautiful baby cute! I have not received this one yet, but I do have a pic:

I won a tiny tote from Aggie's Bag which I gave to my son...he was quite excited. He calls it his Boy Purse.

On From Athena's Desk I won a custom headband from Goldilocks Boutique. I just love this doesn't pinch, slip or hurt even after wearing it all day. And she has a large selection of fabrics you can choose from. I went with the Michael Miller Stitches in pink.

And last, but certainly not least...a makeup bag duo complete with handmade soaps & a Burts Bees blemish banisher from The Fab Miss B. So cool!


  1. How the heck do you win all these contests? LOL Congrats m'dear! Your son looks soooo cute :)

  2. How? Well, first you have to enter a couple hundred contests...
    Subscribe to places like Etsy Giveaways, love Etsy Feedback, Blog Giveaways and Simply Stacie...then spend an hour or so every morning entering :)

    Keep in mind...these were spread out, I just happened to receive them close together :)

  3. Okay, I'm jealous! I entered several of the same contests! Some bloggers have all the luck :) lol
    Congrats on all your new loot!!!


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