Monday, March 23, 2009

Pretty Things

Nice. Simple. To the point. And 100% correct. Today when I visited Pretty Things blog, I saw yummy goodness in the form of a Cadbury Egg. I consider chocolate to be a pretty thing, don't you?

But keep scrolling down, and feast your eyes on her truly pretty things...her jewelry. Not only are her creations beautiful in and of themselves, but her photos are fabulous. Nice, bright and macro to the max! But if you really want to get an eye full, hop on over to her shop, Lori Anderson Designs. She has vintage, classic, casual, whimsical and kid styles. There is no way I could choose just one fave, but this is a start...

Lori of Pretty Things also talks about being a mom, a business owner and other tidbits of life. There is a great pic of her son looking out the window waiting for the snow. I think kids are the only ones that actually want the snow to March.


  1. You sure make me know that? I've managed to avoid going bald so far though :P

  2. THANK YOU! That bracelet was one of my favorites -- it just went to a new home yesterday!


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