Sunday, March 1, 2009

Promote a Sister Sunday: Naughty Monkeys

It's that time again...promoting other great artisans. This weeks CAB Team member was once a writer - as in "six books, hundreds of magazine articles, seven years as a free-lancer for People magazine (which I actually managed to survive without going through Brad Pitt's trash cans even one single time!) and way, way too much movie copy (Most memorable: "Nature has a dark side" from "Twister" actually won a major award!)." Yes, I took that directly from her profile...I couldn't have said it any better...heck, she's the writer.

Here's some more....
"I've put the word processing aside for a while and returned to my first love -- making stuff. About the stuff: a lot of it is hand-knitted or sewn (by me!). But since I was born with no ability whatsoever to follow directions, the end results are pretty much original designs. Then there are the "rescues." After years of rescuing dogs and cats, I've expanded into rescuing beautiful old clothes and accessories. The ones with semi-fatal flaws, like holes or stains, might become bags. Other pieces -- dresses, for example -- get a second life as blouses, vests or even lingerie. There's no end to the possibilities, which is what makes this so much fun!"

And now for my favorite part - showing off! Here are some of my faves, which will also give you an idea of the great range of items she has in her Etsy shop.

Pacific Coast Twilight Beaded Embroidered Bracelet

Love Monkey 2 Red Reconstructed, Reversible Tank Top with Appliques, Lace and Sequins

Night Bloomer


  1. Wow. she has some serious talent. That bracelet is stunning.

    TILT~ please stop by the blog and check out the award I passed your way.

  2. Really, really cool stuff! Great feature of a very talented artist!

  3. Thank YOU, TILT!! It's probably not appropriate for me comment on a feature about me, but I am so honored by your interest in my work -- many, many thanks!!

  4. What a talented artist! Thanks for introducing us to her :)

  5. Very nice profile with some interesting background bits. Who knew us bag makers could be wordsmiths, too?


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