Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Items

Now it's time for my Artfire blogging carnival. We were asked what are our plans, promos, or new items for the season or what are our favorite spring colors, favorite things about Spring, favorite items we've found for Spring....and the possibilities are endless! So I decided to do some shameless self promotion and show off some of my Spring-y bags.

This first one was fun to make. I took the main fabric, which is an outdoor canvas twill, and handstiched some fun blobby shapes onto the one side. I used a wooden bracelet on the loop handle which is knotted.

This next one is darker, but the print is quite Spring-y. It's kind of a floral paisley Lefluer (is that how it's spelled? not sure). The name was fun to come up with. I almost called it The Alien because the way it looks when open reminds me of those pods from the movie. But The Alien sounds like it should look fun & whimsical. So I went with Venus for venus fly trap...similar to the alien pod, but ledd deadly. Unless you are a fly.

This last one is my husbands favorite. The bright colored fabric was actually my second piece. I had the lining from another bag, but the buyer changed their mind & went with a different lining. This time I am the one who changed their mind. This fabric was way more fun than the first one I picked out. But what I really love about this super huge purse (it's 13" wide, 11" high & 6" deep) is the flap decoration. I wanted to use some of my buttons. This was the 3rd look. What do you think?


  1. I like the last one too! It's adorable and will probably sell quickly. I've been so busy, I forgot about the Blogfire Guild - if there's time, I'll send one in too!

  2. Oh Nice! Love the hand stitching on the green one.

  3. I love the Venus bag. What a great look!

  4. I love the paisley pattern and the rich color of it - and the buttons as flowers on the other bag are so creative! They all look great :)


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