Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Shows Its Face

Etsybloggers rock! Just a little pimpin' for my blogging buds on etsy. This is their...our...carnival after all.

...and now back to our regularly scheduled writing...

Spring's face?...well...its leaves anyway. That is my first Spring-y thing I noticed outside. I just hope they survive the 30*F weather we have been having lately. I am actually amazed that they keep coming up. They were planted long after I got the bulbs at a wedding, or was it baby?, shower. Sturdy little guys - hopefully the Spring weather will soon follow.

Birds coming back, I guess that's another sign of Spring. I have seen a few. And heard a few trying to get into our vents on the roof. I am not looking forward to climbing up there to check. But the bird I noticed the most was the first casualty of Spring....

...I knew I should have brought him inside, but my son loved looking out the window to watch him get buried in the snow.


  1. Poor guy... Love his feet sticking up in the air!

    I look for green too. There's not a lot of pines in SW Oklahoma!

  2. Poor little birdie! But I love him anyway, and he makes me want to do something with him, like glue the back end to one side of a fence or gate, and the head to the other. He'd look like he got stuck halfway through!

  3. Flowers from bulbs have to be the strongest flowers out there...they're the only ones I can usually keep alive!
    Sorry to hear about the casualty...he sure was a cutie :)

  4. Flowers always amaze me with their tenacity! Too bad your bird wasn't quite as tough- maybe you can repair him? Great post!

  5. I'm hoping the spring weather will get here soon. Great post, love the pictures you have chosen. Have a great weekend!


  6. Poor birdie... So sad he didn't fair as well as the greenery :( Although a little super glue and he may be as good as new.


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