Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Flint City Handmade Holiday Show

Last Saturday I had my second non-home show in Flint set up by Flint City Handmade. I am going to split up my post about it because it got too long.
First: My display (primarily my trials with it at home).
Second: the other vendors around me (and some further away that I loved).
Third, and lastly: how it went and what I took from the experience.

The display I had at the home shows were a little different since they were, well, in someone’s house. One of the shows gave me the whole family room. I was able to utilize the bench by the front entrance for my extra large totes and the coat rack was a perfect spot for my large purses.

But this show, like the last, was much more limited on space. I spent the week shopping around for display ideas. I bought about 3 times as much as I needed just so I could try out lots of different displays. I decided to stick with the black metal mesh can (upside down) for the keyrings (hung with ornament hooks). I took all the little tags off for the show so it didn't look too messy and just put up a small sign with the price.

I had a black metal cake pedestal plate for the zip pouches. The space underneath was nice for the smaller handpainted simple clutches.

I had to buy a table (needed one anyway), so I got the nice plastic fold in half 6 footer…on sale for $40 at Target, plus I had a coupon (everywhere else I saw it was around $70). The cardboard end caps were perfect for a “back wall”… I simply wrapped them in snowflake wrapping paper.

The end trellis (which was my mom’s) held my blue bags and the garment rack held the Rachelle & Theresa purses.

My XL totes didn’t fit anywhere, so I put one of the transport boxes under the rack to set them on.

The pics here don’t have the table covering, but I did have one, a simple brown flannel flat sheet. I love brown with blue (the snowflake wrapping paper), plus, we need flannel sheets.

The only pic I have of the display at the show is from Flint City Handmade. I was so smart that day that I brought the wrong size batteries for my camera. note: the building is an empty one - totally large open space with the plaster revealing the brick underneath.

All in all, I am happy with the display…for now. I do want to find a nice cohesive way to set up. With all my bags being OOAK, it can look like a jumble because they all look different than the next. Even those of the same style are different fabrics & colors. Any suggestions are more than welcome.


  1. Congrats on your show...you've been tagged! Stop by my blog and get the details...www.cinnamonspicecrafts.blogspot.com

  2. T this looks great~ I ♥ your display ideas they work well!
    Awaiting the rest of your post~

  3. I think your off to a fantastic start! Thanks for the pictures and ideas - I think I might try the whole garbage can thing if I get better enough to do shows again :)

  4. Very creative display ideas. I have the same problem with my scarves. They are all different colors and it can be overwhelming for the eyes. I have decided to not put everything out at once and if someone wants a different color I get out the tubs and let them look through them.


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