Thursday, December 4, 2008

Spotted Cow Soaps

I had other titles in mind...Ms Moo Who? or Butt Bubbles were among the top two. Sound strange? Not if you have ever visited the etsyblogger thread on etsy or listened to the Blockhead Show on blogradio Monday nights at 9pm (how's that plug Rod?).

Limited Edition Christmas 2008 Gingerbread Soap

The Ms. Moo is more of the nicknames in the weekly thread (hope I am not giving away any secrets :) And the butt bubbles...well, you see, her soap looks good enough to eat - and it gets mentioned often enough about her's and agoodwitchtoo's soap that somewhere along the line the after effects of eating these tasting looking goodies was brought up...alot. There is even a great pic out there. I am still deciding if I want to give you link the pic straight off or let you have fun looking for it among the blogger's blogs...I'll let you know at the end.

Anywhooo...this is all about the moo. And her goodies. I have some of it myself. They were supposed to be gifts, but I could not part with them. Iguess that means I'll have to get more soon for those gifts. Don't they look great....

Vanilla Whipped Sugar Scrub

Sparkling Champagne Body Lotion Parfait

You can see how we eventually got around to butt bubbles.
Now my only problem is hiding them from the guys in the house...I want it all for me! And they wouldn't appreciate the fine qualities of a handmade soap. Even if they did - they would probably use too much - leaving too little for me. I guess it's not all about the moo - it's about me too. This stuff is good enough to make me one selfish little soap user!

So go check out her etsy shop. She always has new flavors. And she has more there than just soap. There are lotions, fizzies, bubble baths, salts, oils, gift sets, organic washcloths and bath puffs. She is quite the multi-talented cow. While you are out there...she has a blog and can be found on The Artisans Shoppe and Shop Handmade.

Ok - you want to see what happens when you eat the soap? Go to this
blog (another etsyblogger tulips treasure box) to see it :)

Cow figurines I found on amazon by Westland Cow Parade


  1. Great feature! I just traded with her for some soap and I'm soooo looking forward to getting it in the mail!

  2. Awesome Feature! Congrats to Miss Moo!

  3. Your had me from butt bubbles...greatly written feature, enjoyed all of it! Thanks for the mention...

    I too LOVE Ms. Moo's soaps.

    Congrats Ms. Moo!!! x0x0x0x0x0x0x0

  4. She's one Mad Talented Cow... get it... Mad... Cow...

    Hello? Is this thing on? (tap, tap, tap)

  5. Have you heard of

    You should post some of your crafts For Sale on iList. :)

  6. Thank you so much for the wonderful feature! You are the best!


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