Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Spotlight on Nature Manipulated

Jewelry, Greeting Cards, photography, and Other Unique Accessories
Visual and Wearable Art by
Nature Manipulated.

1 - Where can we find you on the web?
etsy shop, My Blog, Twitter, Flickr

2 - Where do you sell your items (online and off)?
I sell my items on Etsy, as well as in person by word of mouth and to local returning customers. I occasionally sell at craft shows too.

3 - How did you get started in this line of crafting?
Since childhood I have been playing around with different mediums. As a kid, I took private art lessons and experimented with everything. At that time, I really liked making greeting cards and practical things. Later, I went to an art high sc
hool where I specialized in photography and mixed media. Aside from always taking photos, I shied away from art and crafting for awhile until one day I bought a pair of simple earrings in a New York City boutique. I paid an arm and a leg for them. When I got home I examined them and realized I could easily make them so I ran to the bead store the next day and boom ... I was hundreds of dollars poorer and thousands of beads richer. In addition to designing and creating OOAK jewelry and other beaded accessories, I recently began making greeting cards again.

4 - How long have you been doing this?
Photography - 13 years
Card making - On and off for 5 years
Jewelry making - 5 years

5 - What inspires you?
All of my items are inspired by nature. Everything is designed to reflect upon nature and all of its elements. I often remind myself of places I've been, seen or dreamt and try and replicate it in my work.

6 -
What are you favorite crafting tools? What was your best crafting tool purchase?
My mind, hands and eyes. Honestly, without them, I wouldn't be able to make anything.

7 - When did you decide to go into business for yourself? Was it gradual? Or did you jump in with both feet?
I went into business approximately four years ago. I started selling jewelry pieces to family and friends. I custom designed many pieces for them and then started building stock. Shortly after I started selling my jewelry, I decided to add my photography to it after being told I should. I often give framed photographs as presents and people LOVE it.

8 -
What is your most effective marketing strategy?
I can't pinpoint one thing. I think different things work for different businesses and most probably, no one thing works on its own. Among my most powerful tools are my monthly newsletter, my blog and leaving business cards everywhere. One thing I always do, and I'm sure helps with promoting my sites is signing everything with my shop name and URL, as well as my blog URL. You can't repeat your business name enough.

9 - What's the one bit of business advice you wish every artisan/biz owner/crafter/etsian knew?
Don't give up! Etsy can sometimes be discouraging since there is a growing amount of competition. Do not rely on promoting in the Forums alone. Draw customers in from outside the Etsy world.

10 -
What is one non-craft hobby or pastime that you enjoy & would like to share with us?
I like too many things. Non-craft things I like to do are: crosswords, play scrabble, read, play pool and waste lots of time on the internet.

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