Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Post Office Woes

I have decided to never go back to my local post office. This was not the first time that I have received such abysmal service, but it is the last. And it was almost an exact replica of the previous sucky visit.
I understand that the post office jobs are notorious for being a not so great place to work. But does that mean they need to take it out on the customer? I have worked on the other side of a service desk before, I understand how some days can be with nothing but one rotten tempered customer after another. It starts to get to you. But I never assumed the person approaching me was a jerk, or an idiot or someone not worthy of my assistance. This is how I felt as I got to the front of the line.
I had a package to mail out to Australia. This is something I have only done once before. That visit went was at a different location. The woman asked me what I needed, informed me how to fill out the customs form, inquired as to which level of service I wanted it sent...she treated me like a customer, not like some dolt standing in front of her that should already know exactly what to do.
This visit...not so great. She made eye contact just enough to scowl and grunt to me to come on over. Then she just looked at me. With a very "well, what are you waiting for" look on her face. I was not even sure where to put the package...there was bullet proof glass everywhere & a door that slide up on either side of her. I assumed this is where the package went - but could not tell which side would be hers. She just shot mean eyes and pointed rudely to the door on the right side. As she walked over to the door she rolled her eyes and sighed. The door was, apparently, not all the way down on my side. How did I know this? She was shaking the door on her side and almost growling. Gee, sorry, it looked down from my side. It was actually stuck on something she had placed on top of the midsection.
She continued to weigh it and measure the box to make sure it could be sent in "regular" mail. She asked me if it was the right size. Huh? I don't work there, how should I know. She tsked and sighed again as she calculated the dimensions. I guess it was okay because she proceeded to punch stuff into her machine thingy. She never even asked me how I would want it, first class, priority (I may not work there, but I do know there are many levels). She told me the sounded a little higher than I had seen from the calculations on the USPS website. So I asked her how much it weighed. There is no way it was 1lb 15oz...the thing felt like I forgot to even fill it. But at this point - I just wanted out.
You may ask why I didn't ask for a manager or anything. Well, the only other person there seemed to be just as bad as my lady. There was a man there this whole time who was waiting to talk to someone about his PO box. They seemed to have no idea how to help him. How do I know this? Because between scowls and growls, she kept leaving to go talk with the other employee about his request. Oh, and about what she was doing that night. And once about her no good man.
Nice. I thought the employees were the ones that know how everything is supposed to work. And that they are there to assist the customer, who does not work there and therefore not know how things run. I guess nobody told her that. Because she kept treating me like I should know what to do.
So - off to the next city for post office needs next time. Better yet, I'll do it all online with a carrier pick up like I usually that I know I can fill out the customs form online.


  1. I feel your pain. I get two or three international sales a week and I felt like I was living in the post office line. I finally found an on line place to purchase first class international postage. It will print a shipping label and customs form all in one. I schedule a carrier pick up the night before and leave the package on my front porch in the morning. I haven't waited in line for over a month now. It really is awesome. You can get a 30 day free trial at

  2. Omg, this reminds me so much of our little post office. Same bad behaviour! They make me feel like an idiot when I come up to the counter with my parcel. I wish we had online postal services here...

  3. Aww.. sorry that you had that experience! I usually ask "are you having a bad day?" If they are rude, I do tend to remind them they get a paycheck to do this..hee hee and other times I just smile the whole time and let it roll off my back! Either way I am sorry you had that experience...let it roll off sweetie!

  4. Letting it roll after I let it out some :)

  5. Let me at her... I'll give her a good thumpin' with my broom!!!


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