Friday, December 19, 2008

Sneak Peek into Challenge...

...okay, so it's an etsy Team Big Damn Crafters challenge from November. I need to talk to a jeweler on how to close off/tie up the ends of the tiger's tail I used to bead the main currents. What is that? Well, it's the charge created by The Net on Firefly's Our Mrs. Reynolds episode that was meant to trap and disable Serenity. For anyone not familiar with the tv series's a big doohickey in space that zaps the energy from spaceships so the bad guys can be pirates and rob the ship of it's goodies...all on board would be dead by this point of power = no life support.

The front - hard to see the beads well...these were just quick shots mid-construction

Back side ... beads here are just the sky/space


  1. Very, very cool. The best method as far as I know to finish off the beading wire is with crimp beads. You should be able to find a small packet of them at your local craft store (or I can mail you a few, if you'd like), and you can just flatten them onto the ends of the wire with pliers. They do make crimping pliers for this, but if you're not working with crimps regularly, it's probably not worth the expense.

    ~Sweet Tarragon~

  2. Never worked with Tigers Tail - is it like regular thread? If so, just tie it off like you would any hand sewn project...

    VERY cool project :)

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