Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Selling Venues Series: Just the FAQs Update

It seems like everywhere I urn online there is another selling venue. Tonight I ran across someone who sells on Made it Myself, Wildwood. She says she really likes the site and bonus, listing is free right now. They are still in Beta, so expect some hiccups from time to time perhaps. On the plus side, starting out early with a site gives you more exposure and you can grow with them - perhaps even help them grow.

So here's the FAQs:

ALL fees are waived until further notice.
The normal listing fees are:
$0.10 for 30 days
$0.20 for 60 days
$0.25 for 120 days
Listing fees apply when an item is listed (or multiple quantities of items are listed)
Commission fees per item: 3% flat rate
Commission charges take place only when an item is sold.
There is a community forum
I did not see where they listed payment options

and since I do noy have more to show right now, here is a shot of their front page:

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