Saturday, February 7, 2009

Selling Venues Series: Searches

I have started doing the Search Feature portion of this series. I have highlighted 6 venues today with a coordinating treasury on my other blog. I did not want to go too easy, so I used Morning Coffee Soap for my search. I have noted the number of results of each search and any further searching that was needed to locate an item. Any advanced searching or filtering is also noted.

Search box: w/drop down menu for description, tag, title, seller name, vintage, supply…no “true” advanced search.
When you get your results, there is a filter results tip list on the sidebar
Sidebar search: by Category,
Gift Guides, Showcases (at center top), Explore: Color, Treasury, Pounce, Shop Local, Time Machine, Editors Pick & at the bottom Recently Listed...and of course the hand picked Treasury on the Front Page

Input: “morning coffee soap” resulted in 1 page, 9 items
Note: they were all actual soap


Search box: Menu with boxes to check/uncheck for Handmade/Fine Art, Design/Media, Supplies/Vintage & Username plus an advanced search option
Sidebar Search: Browse by Category: handmade/Vintage, Design/Media, Supplies/Vintage – each with their own subcategories listed

Input: “morning coffee soap” in box with handmade checked resulted in 2 items Note: thumbnails here are larger than etsy
Advanced search: Member search; keyword box with “and” & “not; categ
ories: the 1st 3 on simple search; price range min-max

Input: “soap” with and “coffee” not “art”…I was prompted to check a category, I chose handmade
Results: 39 items, 4 pages


Search Box: shows you the number of items that will be searched…kinda cool
Sidebar Search: By color, Item browser, Categories, Top tags, Location

Input: “Morning coffee soap” in box resulted in Zero items…
Advanced/ Filter Results came up & I checked to research using title, description, tag: soap, coffee and Handmade.

note: you can reach the advanced search by clicking the downward arrow next to the original search enter/magnifying glass icon

Input: “coffee soap” resulted in zero before I realized I had to clear out the search box. Then I got 3 results.


Search box: Shop by Store drop down, search word box, and drop down for Category

Sidebar Search: Shop by Trends and Shop by Category

Input: morning coffee soap in box resulted in Zero
Advanced search/Filter: Item search: keywords, item type, items listed in market &/or store, view results by, sort by; By location; By item number; By seller; By buyer; Store search
(click pic to enlarge)

Input: keywords: “morning coffee soap”, included description, items listed in Market & Store resulted in Zero…until I realized you had to separate each keyword with an “&”…helps if you read the directions
Resulted in 3: one was a conditioner, one was an embroidered pillowcase and a baby blanket…hmmm…no soap, or coffee
The conditioner did technically fit into the category because one of th
e scents to choose from is “Chocolate Silk Frappuccino


Search box: drop down menu with Item, Description, Tag, Material, Colors, Seller. Advanced search link is right there also.
Sidebar Search: Browse by Category, By Tag, By Material, By Color (uses color chart) and By Price

Advanced search: keyword, tag, materials, color, search..along with drop down menu for where in the listing to look

Input (into simple search box): “morning coffee soap” with title, description, and tag resulted in zero
Search filter came up with narrow by category, tag, material, color or option and ability to
uncheck search words

Then tried w/o the morning – resulted in zero Then only “coffee” – resulted in zero
Then only “soap” – resulted in 5 items, 2 of which were candles

Search by Bath & Body category gave 5 soaps – 2 were on last search, the other 3 were a gift basket with soaps and scrubs
So…the search did work, there just are not many soaps on this venue yet
*Hint* Hint* for those who sell soaps…open market ready & waiting

Shop Handmade:

Search box: quick search for keyword with drop down menu for Everything, Handmade, Vintage or ReSupplies

Shop tab pulls up options for Colors, Craft, Audience, Galleries, New & Sale

Input: “morning coffee soap” with Everything resulted in Zero
Then “coffee soap” resulted in 6 coffee scented soap


  1. gosh - crobbies looks a bit involved! So there definitely is coffee soap.... Who would have thought it!

  2. I LOVE Crobbies! I have gotten 6 sales and been there not quite a month!

  3. great review - I posted to it from my blog & added info on 1000markets search using your same method

  4. Interesting! You might also consider trying this at the all venue search of,com_spotlight/task,search/

    I did & got two results, both actually morning coffee soap!


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