Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Selling Venues Series: Updates

Crobbies now has a shop "mini" for your blog or website. You are able to pick column & row amount along with background color. The items shown can either be most recently listed or random. You can see mine there down on the right sidebar.

I will definitely mark that update under a "good thing".

Etsy has been making some changes in the past few months with the new change in management. They have added Google analytics and spiced up the front page. They seem to be tweaking something here & there al the time. They are currently working on updating their search function...which is a very good thing. (note: search functions at the different venues are next up in this series, probably starting next week)

One thing that has changed that I am not so sure I like, but totally understand from a company standpoint, what happens when you renew. Many, many, MANY, sellers used to use renewing as a promotional tool - and understandably so. When I first started there I kept reading that it was best to renew daily if you could beacuae that would bring your item to the top of the search lists. And while you will still find yourself at the "top"...the top is much more relative. They changed to a time batched upload of new items. What does this mean? Well, they wait until a certain time & ship the items listed/renewed since the last time batch all at once. Given the amount of sellers & traffic they have, it must lessen the strain on their system, but is a bummer for those used to renewing to get seen again.

You can read more about it in their Storque article here and the tech update here.

They do point out that the $0.20 listing fee is and always has been just that - a fee to list...no where official does it say that the fee includes any promotional/marketing useage. They have other features for that, like the Showrooms.

So is it good or bad? or neither? I'll let you decide for yourself, because I think the answer to that may vary greatly person to person.


  1. How the heck did I miss that Storque article? Thanks for telling me! And that Crobbies update is cool :) Especially because I think that's where I'm opening my next shop... :D

  2. I'm going to have to check out Crobbies. As for the article on the changes at Etsy, I sort of skimmed over it so thanks for reminding me to take more notice!

  3. Thanks for sharing but why cant I find the crobbies mini?

  4. The Crobbies mini can be found by going to "my account" then "shop Preview" :)


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