Sunday, February 15, 2009

On a Tutu and a Dare

I listen to Blockhead Radio on a pretty regular basis. I am even part of their group, Pluggers United. It's a fun group, we always have a good laugh and help each other out in the process. It is an artisan for artisans ideal. And Rod is the composer of this wacky band of artsy hooligans. Adding to the laughs this week...a dare. A good dare. A funny dare. Possibly a scary dare.

If 50 5,000 Impression Ads are sold in the next 30 days, he will dress up in ballerina gear & post it on all his blogs! Now, I realize you may not want to see such a sight... a full grown fishing/Nascar dad of 6 in a tutu? But at least you would know that you were part of making it happen. After all, I can't blame you if you don't want to look :)

Interested? Just pop over here.

....just to give you an idea...


  1. Thank you my dear for sharing the love! !:)

  2. HILARIOUS! I cant wait to see him wehre that! LOL!

  3. OK, now I get it! That head looks familiar! Fifty, eh?

  4. Oh that's too funny! Wish I could participate but just not in the budget at the moment. Thanks for the info though!


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