Thursday, April 23, 2009

Etsy Blogger Carnival: Dream Studio

My carnival choice:
2. Your Own Space: describe your dream studio (or if you already have one, give details!). Decorating, supplies you wish you had, size, etc.

To start...I would need my own room. Pretty basic, but yet remains in the dream stage. I currently work in what is technically the dining room, which is at the center of the house, almost an open walkway. The room doesn't even have a door really, it's just the place where all the other rooms flow into on the way to the next. Sitting at my sewing table the kitchen entry is at 9:00, stairs at 7:00, family room at 6:00, hall to bedrooms at 4:00...I am surrounded! At least I can keep an eye on the little guy while I (attempt to) work.
I have scrounged up a few of the goodies I would like in the studio...

I have a dress form, but a custom one would rock: "fabulous fit" dress form:

IKEA is the place I would go for storage. This Cyril computer workstation is great...I love how it closes up to hide everything...

and here it is opened:
And still shopping in IKEA, I would grab my storage units. The Effektiv series has a great look. I think I'd go with the red. I would love to have more of the wall units to go all around the room.

And now for the machines, not that my trusty 12 year old Pfaff hasn't gotten the job done. But...these would rock! First up, the Brother Quattro 6000D sewing and embroidery machine combo. You can sew with the embroidery attachment thingies still in place.

And can't forget the Brother Serger 3034D. I would still keep my Pfaff around for topstitching in different colors or for a second project.

I would keep my side fold down cutting table as a secondary. But this Roberts cutting table is larger,72"x40", and it even has drawers :) How awesome to have cutting stuff right there!

My iron and board can go too. Instead I'll take this home The Tailors steam press. Fusing that interfacing would be soooo much faster!

And for more ironing space, because you can't steam press everything...the BigBoard. I like how they did this corner set up.

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