Monday, April 6, 2009

Vote for Me!! ...please

I'll even let you campaign within 200 feet of the voting site :)

I am in the Artisan's Challenge this week and I need you! Well, your votes anyway...your love & devotion is merely a bonus :) Ok, your like & semi-regular visits are awesome just as they are.

If I were to win, I could win some much needed advertising and promotion on one of the coolest sites out there...Blockhead Radio!

And don't forget to vote every category! You may just find your next handmade gift for your mom or sweetie or your weird Uncle Stu.


btw...this is my entry:


  1. You've got my vote! Good Luck!

  2. Oh - that is lovely!! Love all the colors.

  3. Just voted....and you're still in the lead :)
    Good Luck!!!


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