Thursday, April 16, 2009

Selling Venues Series: Advanced Search on Etsy

Etsy has a new advanced search feature (finally). I gave it a quick spin tonight and was rather pleased with the results. Although there is still a bit of back & forth that I had to do.

I started with the basic search on the front page for "puppet", handmade. This gave me 2,258 results (108 pages).

I then went to advanced search options and narrowed it down to handmade: toys: search in title, tag & description. There is a sort by feature where you can chose most or least recently listed, or priced high to low or low to high...I went with priced low to high (nice feature). You can limit a price range as well, which I did not.

This resulted in 562 results (27 pages).

I then narrowed the search, from the same result page, by adding NOT finger. This gave way too many results, 465 results (23 pages). I think it reverts to the basic search since I did not go back to the advanced search page.

So then I went to the advanced search page using the NOT finger. This gave me 323 results (16 pages) - much more doable.

It was a decent advanced search, but it would be nice if when the results were shown, the advanced search options were still available without clicking back to that page. And were they all hand puppets? No. But that is not so much the fault of the search, but that of the seller...and fault is too strong. There were quite a few I saw that having hand puppet in the description made perfect sense...not in the tags or title though, of which there were some.

Wanna see the goodies I found? Click here to go to the treasury post I compiled.

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