Saturday, April 18, 2009

Always Wired

Being part of a blog ring is fun! I get to discover so many new blogs and wonderful artisans with my Creative Bloggers. Joella of Always Wired Bead Lady is another one of these. Her jewelry is right up my alley - lots of silver and stones. You can find her goodies over on Etsy and Art Fire. These are a couple of my faves:

Over on her blog you can read about her beading journey and her life...with some sprinklings of other artisans and bits about the online world (like etsy, artfire & tehnorati).


  1. great looking twisted wire. And such a pretty cabochon!

  2. great post on a fellow teammate.

    Go TilT go. I voted for you in Artisan CHallenge.. and I'm in clothing and accessories this week, so give me some reciprocal love yeah?


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